Explore. More! Watch and enjoy Vuze XR content directly from Oculus Go and other leading VR headsets

Easily watch your 360° and 3D VR videos on Oculus headset

HumanEyes Technologies Enables streaming and Direct File Download to Oculus Go and Oculus Quest

It’s time to ‘Explore More’ with Vuze XR and enjoy your 3D VR180 and 2D 360° content, directly from the camera to your Oculus Go and other DLNA-compliant devices.

Seamless, Superior Sharing with Vuze Cast

Engaging live audiences or enjoying 3D VR content directly from the camera has never been more accessible. Streaming 360° or VR180° directly to VR headsets via DLNA, or live broadcast to YouTube and Facebook is a breeze with the Vuze Cast technology inside. Delivering your unique full-view perspective, in an unmatched experience, when compared to traditional mobile streaming.

What is new?

A brand new update for the Vuze XR, the hybrid camera which allows users to create stunning high resolution images and video in both immersive 3D 180° and amazing 360° - now offers even greater compatibility by allowing users to seamlessly stream and download their captured experiences directly to the Oculus Go and other leading wireless VR headsets using DLNA technology, an industry defined standard that acts as a bridge between your devices. Activating a clever DLNA server inside the camera, Vuze XR now provides a smooth, seamless 4K experience directly to the Oculus Go headsets and other DLNA-compliant systems.

All Vuze XR Camera owners can quickly activate this brand new DLNA update by performing a simple firmware update to their camera via the Vuze XR app. You can also directly download here.
Vuze XR

How to Watch your Vuze XR content in Oculus GO

  1. Turn on the Vuze XR camera.
  2. Make two short presses on the camera WiFi button (located on top of the on/off button)
  3. The camera will turn to “Go mode” and the on/off power LED button will change colour (to light blue). The camera is now ready to use with GO
  4. Now put on the headset and connect to the Vuze XR Camera using the WiFi settings
  5. Open up the Oculus gallery and you will now be able to select the Vuze XR as a storage device.
  6. You can now watch and download the content directly from your XR!


Start creating your own VR experieneces for the Oculus go with the award winning 5.7K Vuze XR camera

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