What our Vuzers have been up to in March - Tell your story!

March has been packed with action for our Vuzers with Spring blooming everywhere and many beautiful sights to share!

It's been really hard to select the featured stories this time, but this is a great sign! More and more Vuzers are out there with their Vuze XR and other Vuze VR cameras, creating stunning and interesting content in VR180 and in 360 video!

If you created content you wish to share, send us the link to hello@vuze.camera and we will be happy to feature it.

These videos are in 5.7K. On YouTube please make sure you are watching it at full resolution and preferably, in a headset!

VR180 Videos & Images (Best watch in VR headset)

Ben Claremont teaches us how to shoot and edit in 3D... in 3D Vr180!

Let's toast Spring with a goblet of flaming butterbeer, or just a cool flaming "Harry Potter" cocktail!

Thomas Hubner takes us to Germany with this edited slideshow of Vuze XR VR180 images

Back in London, Peter Simcoe uses the Vuze XR to record music videos!

Artist Dennis Hornung sent us this amazing creation with the Vuze XR (3D audio too)!

360° Videos & Images

Scott Nebeker, VR filmmaker and Vuzer, tell us his story in 360 video

Meanwhile in Austria: Vuzer Sascha Peter still goes skiing!

Instagram Little planets

But that's not all they do in Austria!

Mike celebrated his birthday in beautiful sunny Venice, Italy! Happy Birthday Mike!

Spring is a great time to wash our cars and some of our Vuzers started a trend.... (more on that in the next post!)

And finally from our own Instagram, by Vuzer Ziv who recorded the historic migration of painted lady butterflies in Israel last month!

Facebook photos and videos

More Music videos from Peter Simcoe!

Vuzer Paul Richards shows us that Spring is...well not always sunny, at least in New Hampshire!

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