Vuze Camera creators share their stories. What's yours?

Whether it's on glistening tracks of fresh snow, aboard a yacht or inside a monastery; In day light and sunshine or at night, the Vuze XR Dual camera and the Vuze Plus, 3D 360 VR camera, are the perfect companions and tools for anyone to tell their story in an immersive way.

Here's a selection of what the Vuzers have been creating and sharing across the internet lately!

If you created content you wish to share, send us the link to and we will be happy to feature it.

These videos are in 5.7K. On YouTube please make sure you are watching it at full resolution and preferably, in a headset!

VR180 CONTENT (Best watch in VR headset)

Ready for some extreme action on the slopes?

Let's visit the British Museum with Paul Maclean

From London to Prague

360° Videos

Meet Manny the Jaguar in 3D 360

Get your sea legs on and join us on a clear winter day in the Mediterranean

Instagram Little planets

Snowy night in Vegas!

Gorton Monsatery provides for a magnificent art piece

Global Winter Wonderland in Vegas

Facebook photos and videos

Woodpeckers concert in the woods

A walk on the beach in North Wales

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