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"5.0 out of 5 stars Best VR camera at this price"

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VUZE XR Review - 360 Camera And VR180 3D Camera In One Neat Package - The Full MRTV Review:

360Rumors: Vuze XR Review and Comparison:

The 360 Guy review: "I really like the Vuze XR":

Vuze XR First Impressions -Unboxing, image quality comparison w/ GoPro Fusion & Insta360 ONE X by CreatorUp:

David Addis:

“The VR180 Video looks great on Oculos GO - If I was going to capture some sort of virtual reality experiences, this is the tool I would use”

Mark Harvey:

VUZE XR // Unboxing / Perfect Oculus Go Companion Camera? by RaMarcus

360/180-3D Vuze XR - unboxing & impressions - by Bryan Shanafelt

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