Vuze XR creators are sharing their amazing content

From Australia to Texas, through Japan, Singapore and Jerusalem, creators are sharing great content captured with the Vuze XR.
Little planets, VR180 videos, Christmas trees, Santas and cute babies.
Here is the first month of Vuze XR found on YouTube.

If you created content you wish to share, send us the link to and we will add it.

These videos are in 5.7K. On YouTube please make sure you are watching it at full resolution.

VR180 CONTENT (Best watch in VR headset)

This one made us smile [Singapore]

Merry Christmas from Thailand and Japan:

Enjoy the waves in Japan and Sydney:

Dancing in Jerusalem:

BWM Z4 VR180 First Person Experience

360° Videos

Take a ride through Texas:

Wish we could be there (Singapore)

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