Your Vuze VR camera just got a few upgrades!

Great news for our Vuzers! We just added a bunch of upgrades to the Vuze VR camera and the VR Studio Software!

Announced at CES 2018, alongside the Vuze+ and the Humaneyes Zone, we made sure our current Vuzers are well taken care of!

As of today you can find on our website new Firmware, software and app versions for download, including many improvements and new features!

Some of the Firmware updates for the Vuze camera:

  • Native in-camera still image mode, capture in JPEG format
  • 2D 360 video capture at 60FPS
  • Support for camera gallery in the mobile app with thumbnails preview
  • Change in audio format
  • Support for in app preview of all four directions
  • Exposure compensation support
  • Manual exposure setting support
  • Auto White Balance improvements
  • Image quality enhancements
  • Audio enhancements

VR Studio Software (Windows) updates (partial list):

  • Support for new camera features - 2D videos at 60FPS, Native photos (also available for the MacOS version)
  • Horizon Stabilization tool
  • Zoom tool

There are many more surprises! Upgrade your Firmware, software and app now!

For more information visit the VR Software section on our website or contact our support team (