VR making an impact in Patagonia - Experience the world though our eyes

Earlier this year Humaneyes Technologies joined forces with several amazing brands, and explorer Andres Beregovich, whom you may know and whose journey you perhaps followed; empowering Andres to make his journey safely, comfortably, and return with immersive VR footage for the world to learn from hand truly enjoy.

”The technology finally exists to show you what I love, to show you what I see”. (Andres Beregovich)

For those of you who haven't followed Andres’ work, Andres is known for creating and promoting projects with an impact on humankind and the planet. A native Chilean, Andres indeed sees Patagonia as his childhood playground and “backyard.” Over the course of his life (and Andres is young, mind you), he has seen forests and glaciers degrade and disappear. Mostly the result of human hands. But Andres has also witnessed significant conservation efforts, by the hands of others, not governments and wealthy organizations but people with the desire and will to make a difference.

Andres set out on a mission to show the world that everyone - including you – can make a difference. We don’t have to be rich, big or strong to make a alter the trajectory of our planet.
When we heard about Andres and his project we decided to be part of it. Not only did Andres’ personal story and his impact stand out to us, but we finally have the technology to bring you, the viewers, along for the journey.

Capture your world the way you live it

Andres climbing an iceberg in Patagonia Andres used his Vuze VR camera to create what he calls “Time capsules”, short 3D 360 VR movies of various places in Patagonia, so that you can take a moment out of your day, sit back and join him on top of glaciers, on feet of mountains and in the jungles.
The first capsule, “The gate to Patagonia” is up on our YouTube channel and we will be posting more of those in the weeks to come.

Re-Forest Patagonia – Donate a Tree now

You can also make an impact right now! Help reforest Patagonia by donating a tree here: https://www.reforestemos.cl/en