VR in Education – How one teacher uses VR to enhance his students’ Learning Experience

“I want to prepare my students for the world they are going to live in" - Dave Ternent, 7th grade Stem teacher, teaches VR creation

Dave Ternent is a 7th grade STEM Teacher in the Stow-Munroe Falls School District, Stow OH. He has a Master's degree in Instructional Technology and is always looking for new devices or software that will enhance his classroom lessons and the student’s learning experience. Dave teaches at Kimpton Middle School which has about 900 students, the majority of whom are taking part in the STEM program.

Here is how Dave integrates VR into his classroom

The STEM class is divided into 2 tracks. The first track is the 3D Modeling track where students learn about 3D CAD Modeling, coding, 3D Printing, and Robotics. The second track is the VR Track where students learn what VR/AR/Mixed Reality is, they get to use different headsets including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Microsoft Hololens, the Unity game engine, 360° cameras, and how to create their own 360° app. The students get to decide which track that they want to take.

“I want to prepare my students for the world they are going to live in, especially the design/manufacturing workplace. Not what is around now. 3D and VR content is how companies design and create their products.”

The parents and Dave’s colleagues love it and are thinking of new ways to use the camera! Sports teams want to use it for video analysis of practices and players, 360° video of school plays, 360° video of students writing and directing skits where the camera is a character which is an idea that came from the Drama teacher. That is a just a few examples and the list is getting longer every day.

Dave doesn’t stop with STEM: “In the long term, my plans for VR are to expand its use! Another teacher takes it rock climbing to show his special needs class. Kent State University’s Public Health Dept wants to work with us to use the cameras for videoing and GPS tagging footage of areas where public health concerns occur.”

Dave chose the Vuze VR camera because of its durability and high-resolution. He has used it for practices as well his students use it in his class to create their 360° VR field trips. They use Google cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Microsoft Hololens to experience the field trips.

The following is some example 360° footage of volleyball practice. Coaches love it as a teaching tool because they get to see all sides of the action at once. They have asked Dave to film more sessions (time permitting)!

“The Vuze VR camera really meets my expectations and even exceeds them!”, says Dave. “The software is so versatile and easy to use. Creating 360° content, with 13-year olds doing the filming and editing, is simple and gives you a professional looking product. Made by 7th graders!”

Dave Ternent is on Twitter and you can follow him to find out more exciting and inspiring VR uses in education! @dave_ternent

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