Vuze Cameras VR Studio and App Just Got Cool New Updates!

Updated as of July 2nd, 2018

We have added new features that will help you easily create even better VR experiences than before.

In order to enjoy all the new updates make sure you have the newest versions

Vuze VR Studio updates:

First of all, Mac and PC (Windows) studios' features are now equal.
Plus, you can save your VR files as .ProRes and continue editing in Adobe software.

Vuze Studio Mac version now have same features as Windows' version Second, you can now stitch by content - A new algorithm calculates calibration values for stitching, based on the content you shot. This can drastically improve stitching in some extreme cases.

We've also added a magnifying glass tool that allows you to zoom in and stitch better:

Last, both Mac and PC users can now stabilize the horizon:

Vuze App updates:

  • Android users can save and share 360 images directly from their device
  • iPhone users can now preview media before capturing

Click here to make sure you have the newest versions