The 360 Video Handbook & the making of VR video “One more chance” with the Vuze VR camera

A few weeks ago we were proud to share Peter Simcoe’s new VR music video “One more Chance”. Created using the Vuze VR camera, Google Tilt and Ambisonic audio from Visisonics, this video is a wonderful showcase of how VR can be used for music production.

(Ambisonics Audio version can be found on Simcoemedia's YouTube channel)

Peter is also working on a 360 video handbook, containing case studies, information and useful tips on how to create 360 video and VR video for various uses.
As a Vuzer, Peter uses his Vuze VR camera for many of his projects and we are happy to chat to Peter about the VR music video and about his upcoming book.

The Light suit project – VR music video “One more Chance”

Vuze camera: How did the light suit project come to life?

Peter Simcoe: I was buying some equipment for the office on Amazon’s website when somehow I stumbled across Electroluminescent Wire – This gave me an idea for some experiments with my Vuze camera and so the light suit concept was born! The project that emerged from this initial concept idea was an experiment in blending live 3D 360 video performance with Virtual Reality environments created by Google Tilt Brush and Google Blocks. It provided a great opportunity to develop skills using Tilt Brush and Blocks, refine my 3D 360 recording skills and promote some of my music in an experimental and interesting way. The main advantages with using the Vuze camera to create this video is the compact size, convenience and ease of use which allowed me to produce the final video in a 4 x 3m lounge area. Add this to an increasingly flexible software suite and vibrant community of Vuzers, it’s all positive.

Click to download a book excerpt describing how this project was developed

Vuze camera: Why “One more chance”?

Peter Simcoe: I wrote “One More Chance” back in 2016 as part of Soundtracks 6 which also features a song called “You Can’t Always Have Your Way” which was used in a film featuring Lou Ferrigno called “Instant Death”. Music is an important part of my life and the ability for me to combine 3D, 360 video and music is a great motivator. I wrote the lyrics, created the melody, play all the instruments on the track and I’ve played gigs in France, Germany and the UK with various bands… but I don’t sing – my friend Alex Edy is the singer on this track. The “One More Chance” video was a great opportunity for me to try some funky “lead singer moves” with a mic stand on a virtual stage! 😊

Vuze camera: Tell us a bit about your experience with Ambisonic sound?

Peter Simcoe: As part of the project I was able to work with to produce the ambisonics audio version of the song. My initial experiments with RealSpace3D Cinema highlighted that I needed more specialist support in mixing the song in a way that would suit an ambisonic format. It’s not as simple as reverse-engineering a stereo mix. I provided the stems (individual audio tracks) exported from Propellerheads Reason and Adobe Audition. Visisonics then worked on these to produce the final track which can be heard at

Feedback on the One More Chance video has been very positive and, for me personally, a success in my 360 video development. It was also great to work with so many different teams from Vuze, Visisonics and Google who all provided different elements of support.

360 Video Handbook

Vuze camera: Tell about the 360 video handbook you’re working on

Peter Simcoe: The 360 Video Handbook is really a milestone for me, not only as a 360 video producer, but also as a graphic designer, traditional video producer photographer and even musician. The experiments with Vuze camera and other 360 cameras over the last 2 years, combined with 23 years experience of creating traditional video, photography and design led me to believe I have something significant to contribute to the 360 community.

The book effectively contains my own personal wish-list of project examples, FAQs and technical knowledge I would have wanted to know when I began my 360 video journey and as a result is a document containing the experience, advice and inspiration I have to offer. It is also the coffee table book I always wanted to write – something easily accessible in different ways, from quick inspirational photo galleries through to detailed discussion and case studies. I wanted to create a visually stimulating book with intrinsic design value combined with solid technical considerations. I hope people enjoy reading it, learn more about the technology and find inspiration for their next 360-degree video project!

Vuze camera: Who is the book for?

Peter Simcoe: It is not an instruction manual for complete beginners and it is not a dedicated technical manual either. It is aimed at those who have purchased a 360 camera and have experimented with it, are reasonably familiar with the basic functionality and want to take their 360 video to the next level in terms of content, style and technical competence. Having said this, the third section of the book does cover many technical aspects of creating 360 video, but these are more as a series of supporting technical discussions to support the artistic and inspirational.

For me personally, the book brings together many of my personal and professional interests and presents them in a way that will help others to achieve their creative goals. People can register their interest at

About Peter Simcoe

Peter Simcoe is a freelance video producer, photographer and designer trading under the name Simcoemedia. Clients include Airbus, Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Loughborough University, Via Mat International, The Open University and a variety of other service and manufacturing businesses across the UK and Europe.

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