“Metaverse” – the new AR enabled book by Charlie Fink will be launching at CES in the Vuze Camera booth!

"AR and VR represent a revolution in computing as impactful as the smartphone. This is developing into the greatest business story of our time, starring the biggest companies in the world. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake, and no one knows how it's going to end.
Thirty-five years of experience in media and technology have led me to three basic beliefs which provide the filter through which I view this remarkable story:
(1) Apps succeed when they make what we are already doing better, cheaper and faster.
(2) The killer app is other people.
(3) Everyone overestimates the present and underestimates the future. A great roster of leaders and writers in the space have been brought on to contribute to different chapters throughout the book." - Charlie Fink

Earlier this month the Kickstarter campaign for Charlie Fink’s new book ended successfully, and we are happy to provide our own support in the form of hosting the official book launch and signing in our booth at CES!

"The term Metaverse was coined well before it was popularized by Neal Stephenson in his seminal 1992 novel Snowcrash. The word “metaverse” combines the prefix “meta” (meaning “beyond”) with “universe”, here referring to an infinite number of interconnected virtual or digital spaces." - Michael Eichenseer (chapter 5)

To request an invitation for the book launch and signing, please use the following form.

"A lot of what’s happening in VR and AR happened in a dream first. In a fictional story. The writer had to imagine a seamless use case. Every piece of art, story, movie and book we referenced is an example of this." - Michael Eichenseer (chapter 5)

Quote from the book Metaverse

Event Timing: CES, January 9th, 2018, 4pm-6pm PST

Event Address: Humaneyes Technologies Booth #21018 LVCC South Hall 1