is joining HumanEyes Technologies

We are happy to announce the acquisition of one of the world’s leading content repositories for Virtual Reality developers and content creators - was founded in 2017 by early adopter Marcelo Lewin as a passion project to help evangelize the rapidly growing field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). With hundreds of high-quality tutorials, webinars, and podcasts, the site educates and informs its VR creator community on a vast array of tools, technologies, and techniques to help accelerate the development of immersive experiences. For personal reasons, Lewin will not remain with the company but will be involved in the transition.

“Marcelo and I have become great friends and colleagues over the past two years as we have collaborated on many projects to help evangelize on behalf of VR and AR and its community of creators,” said Jim Malcolm, Chief Marketing Officer at HumanEyes Technologies. “He is one of the world’s leading authorities in this space and has done an incredible job of capturing and preserving an unprecedented library of hands-on content from leading experts in their respective specialties. Marcelo will truly be missed by the tight-knit AR and VR content creator community, but they can rest assured that HumanEyes is fully committed to building on the legacy he has created.”

“It’s been a truly awesome ride, growing from just an idea of starting a site and a community to promote VR and creating content around it, to having HumanEyes Technologies acquire my site,” said Lewin. “I know that they will make a wonderful home for as they continue to nurture it and grow it. I thank each and every one of our community members for sticking with me for the past two years and for believing in the power and potential of VR as much as I do.”

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