How to fix over-exposed areas in Adobe Premiere using Lumetri Color and Masking / Nick Childers

Note: This does not fully correct the problem for over-exposure of highlights. This is meant as a simple correction if highlights are too blown out.

Download the Grid Assist.jpeg before beginning

Open up premiere and create a sequence based from your 3D vuze video

Import the Grid Assist.jpeg and drop into a video track above your video.

Then, under the effects panels turn the opacity down to 25%. Toggle the video track off when down. You will use it later.

Next, open up your color correction panel to Lumetri Color. Adjust to your liking for the entire environment surrounding the blown out fireworks/highlights in the middle.

With you clip in the sequence selected, go to the Effects panel and click the ellipse mask.

Next, click "Inverted", make the mask feather 75% and move your mask over the fireworks. This will block all Lumetri Color adjustments in that area.

Click on the Mask 1, copy paste it, then move the second "Mask 1" to the bottom screen (right eye) roughly aligned with where it is above. Then, turn the video track with the Grid Assist on to finely tune alignment of masks above and below along the centerline by clicking on the masks inside the program screen and moving them around. It's important to align these as close as possible to correctly align eyes when viewing 3D video so enhancing and enlarging the program area is recommended. Toggle Grid Assist back off when done.

When finished, click on the Lumetri Color tab in the video effects tab. Copy and paste another one into the same clip, however for this one, you will unclick the "Inverted" check box in both Mask 1 tabs. Go back into Lumetri effects for this version and adjust the highlights, whites, exposure and curves to slightly bring down brightness and bring up midtones just in the masked off area.

Make sure to take your paused and playing resolution down to ½ or ¼ quality in the program window settings to compensate for any lags in video processing.

The End result:

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