Underwater VR - How to create immersive experiences under the sea

From the depths of the Mediterranean Sea in Cyprus, through the bright sunny Italy, the deep blue of The Maldives and all the way to the chilly waters of Monterey in California, Vuzers put the Vuze Underwater VR Case to great use and tell us how to do it right!

Vuze VR Underwater Case Unboxing

Award-winning VR travel blogger Frugal Hedonist shares her excitement as she unboxes her new Vuze VR Underwater Case.

How to prep and use the Vuze VR Underwater Case

In the Vuze Underwater VR case preparation video series, Vuzer Wayne Grabowski demonstrates how he sets up the Vuze Dive Housing for SCUBA diving in the chilly waters of Monterey, California.

Part 1:

Part 1 introduces his 3-day approach to preparing and using the underwater VR case. He shares some tips on how to identify your gear, so it can be returned if lost during the dive, and then demonstrates the correct way to charge the Vuze and Vuze+ cameras (2 days before the dive).

Part 2:

Part 2 (1 day before the dive) shows how to open, load, and close the dive housing, inspect and lubricate the O-ring, and discusses the desiccant packets provided to keep the lenses from fogging. Finally, a quick bucket test is demonstrated, to be sure your case is properly sealed.

Part 3:

Part 3 discusses the final assembly of the handles and flotation to the Dive Housing and attachment to the dive rig (a tripod in this example) the day of the dive. Wayne shows how to use fishing line and lanyards to prevent camera loss and demonstrates a couple of inexpensive covers you can use to protect the Dive Housing lenses. What to do during the surface interval between dives, and after your final dive, are also covered.

How deep can you take your Vuze Underwater case and Vuze VR camera?

The Vuze VR Underwater housing was tested by our Italian friends Luca Palezza and Francesco Spaggiari - how low could it go?

All that hard work pays off - watch some VR underwater from the Maldives!

[Video by: Yanai Arfi]

Or take your Vuze VR camera diving with seals!